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Hi, I’m Anna, welcome to my website.

I am a 2021 graduate of Performance Costume from the University of Edinburgh, trained in both design and making. I am enthusiastic about all production design elements, from costume and stage design to story and concept development. I enjoy working sustainably, resourcefully and am always ready to rise to a challenge!

Devising a strong concept is central to my identity as a designer; I believe all good design originates here. My process begins with an extensive understanding of the source material, which I reinvent in producing contemporary, individual and impactful productions.

My natural preference is to design sculpturally, both in my stage and costume work. My recent projects have been dramatic and architectural reinterpretations of classic literature, often with serious or sinister psychological themes – Macbeth, Orlando, Life is a Dream. Previous work has been more light-hearted and child-oriented, featuring puppetry and interactive audience experiences – Where the Wild Things Are, Pale Blue Dot. I have also worked historically, informing contemporary practice with fashion history in creating traditionally accurate or inspired projects – Orlando, Life is a Dream, The Red Project, Amadeus.

I am fluent in and enjoy digital design, confidently working with Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Procreate in all my projects. I work well hands-on, often using physical and 3D modelling and visualisation to communicate my ideas. My textiles are often deceptively simple but effective, making use of intricate laser cutting, pleating and origami fabric manipulation techniques.

I have developed an extensive knowledge of historical fashion and pattern cutting through my university costume constructions and pushed myself to think creatively when engineering puppet mechanisms.

In the future, I seek all types of artistic work that will challenge me, expand my skills and allow me to creatively solve all the problems!!